Top 10 Shows That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

10. Stacked

It was so full of sexual innuendos, it could have easily impregnated itself to create a sextuplet of over-sexed following seasons.

9.   Stella

Because the Marx Brothers are dead.

8.   Halfway Home

They never got home!

7.   Salute Your Shorts

We’re still hoping that Rilo Kiley will return to finish their summer at Camp Onawana.

6.  As Told By Ginger

With such multi-dimensional characters and sophisticated plot points, this show could have easily carried through high school, perhaps grad school.

5.  Square Pegs

Their theme song was written by the Waitresses, powered by SJP, padded by a fat suit, and brought home with the exploration of New Wave.

4.  So NoTORIous

Self- parody by the biggest joke in Hollywood, coupled with Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of the bisexual man we all know he is.

3.  Veronica Mars

This generation’s sassy Nancy Drew had more modern mysteries to solve, and more Hardy Boys to sleep with.

2.  Freaks and Geeks

We all know why this is on the list (please don’t mention Arrested Development).

  1. Joan of Arcardia

Is she crazy or is it God?  Everybody loved this show, and we never reached a resolution. WTF?


3 Comments on “Top 10 Shows That Should Not Have Been Cancelled”

  1. Ted says:

    Why not Static shock??

  2. videostars says:

    This is too true with As Told By Ginger. I’m constantly annoyed with today’s lack of diversity in more adult or adolescent cartoons. Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, and The Goode Family are all about families.

    What happened to the focus on other age groups that we got with Mission Hill, Daria, and Clone High?

    Square Pegs was gold – they even had guest stars like Devo and the drummer from The Doors!

  3. S.White says:

    “Northern Exposure” for me. 5 years of heaven (ok, 4 years, given Dr. Fleischman flew “south” for good for the last season)

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