Jamie’s 5 Favorite Sitcoms

5.  “Magnum P.I” I don’t care if this isn’t technically a sitcom, Tom Selleck was my first crush.  To this day I have a thing for mustaches worn with short shorts….

4. “Flight of the Conchords” New Zealand’s Fourth-most Popular Folk Comedy Duo brings my fourth-most favorite sitcom.  I love a good straight man, but having two upped the comedy ante.  I laughed out loud at least once during every episode, something tv rarely compels me to do.

3. “30 Rock” The funniest show on network tv today. “My muffin top is all that; whole grain, low fat.”

2. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Although recent seasons are somewhat lackluster compared to the first two seasons, still the most irreverently hilarious show.   “Dayman” and “Nightman” are still among the top played songs on my iTunes.

1. “I Love Lucy” Although I made an effort not to overlap shows with Miles, this is truly my favorite show of all time.  This is an instance of perfect writing, casting, and acting.  I still laugh just thinking about Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin- soaked performance.


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