Miles’ Top 5 Favorite Sitcoms

5) I Love Lucy: Timeless, classic, still funny after half a century.  I hope my marriage is half this much fun.

4) That 70’s Show: Look, they made a show about my friend Paul Benson’s  life!

3) Seinfeld: So mundane and so simple, but so funny!  We’ve all been there, but we’ve never laughed so hard!

2) ICarly:I really feel that this is the culmination of everything Nickelodeon has done up to this point.  It has the alternative feel of Clarissa Explains It All, the hilarity of All That, and the food jokes of Weinerville.  Plus it has Crazy Steve!

1) Arrested Development: There’s so many ways to laugh when watching this show because each character tickles a different funny bone.  The plot lines converge in the most hilarious and unexpected ways.  It’s Seinfeld x 100!


2 Comments on “Miles’ Top 5 Favorite Sitcoms”

  1. Graham says:

    I’m appalled that these are all American.

  2. Aimee says:

    lol, it IS about Paul’s life.

    ICarly also has Spencer. And the guy with the wart. I love that show.

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