Miles’ Top Ten Most Played Songs on Itunes

I don’t have a lot of music on my Itunes compared to most people (3.2 days), so my playcount on these guys is a little obsessive. I think I’ve listened to Flipside 76 times!

Also, I wanted to be as cool as Jamie and upload the songs, but the super ghetto hosting website she used isn’t working for me. Instead I’ll just upload some music videos. Kids love those, right?

10. Ocean Blue by Alphabeat
9. Don’t Worry Baby by The Beach Boys
8. Boyfriend by Alphabeat

7. Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys
6. Please Please by McFly

5. Everything by The Veronicas

4. Star Girl by McFly

3. Get Back by Demi Lovato

2. Nothing Good About This Goodbye by Rachel Stevens
1. Flipside by The Click Five


One Comment on “Miles’ Top Ten Most Played Songs on Itunes”

  1. Aimee says:

    Well, Flipside ‘is’ a really good click five song, so I don’t blame you for listening to it that much!

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