Worst Male X-men in Bed

5. Cyclops: Cyke would be a total prude in bed and probably insist on leading.  No thanks.

4. Quicksilver: It would be over and done before you knew it.  Pietro has no time for love.

3. Colossus: Despite his godly body, Colossus is super inexperienced.  And what if he suddenly went metal inside you?  Ouch.
2. Professor X: His mind would always be somewhere else.

1. Skin: Skin has six extra feet of malleable skin.  It would be like having sex with one of those people who rapidly lost a lot of weight, except he can control that skin, and…ew, it’s just gross.


One Comment on “Worst Male X-men in Bed”

  1. Radio Victim says:

    Shouldn’t you mention the whole “sunglasses in bed” or “possible accidental optic blast” issue for Cyclops?

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