Worst Female X-Men in Bed

5. Catseye: She was never sure if she was girl that could turn into a cat, or a cat that could turn into a girl.  We’re sure that bestiality is disgusting.

4. Karma: Guys didn’t want her when she was a Vietnam War survivor, chubby chasers didn’t want her when she weighed 400 pounds, and woman didn’t want her when she was a lesbian.  Maybe she smells down there.

3. Wolfsbane: Basically a furry with Jesus guilt.  No thanks.

2. Rogue: Hang on sugah, let me get my latex body suit lest I absorb your life force and kill you.

1. Marrow: Don’t worry, that pain you’re feeling is just her bones growing through her skin.  If you need to vomit, she’ll understand.


Best Female X-men in Bed

5. Monet St. Croix: Although her codename is M, we’re pretty sure she’s an S.  A big time S.

4. Husk: She can tear off her skin to reveal a layer of her choosing underneath.  Steel, latex, carpet; the possibilities are endless.

3. Emma Frost: She slept her way to the top of the Hellfire club, before quitting and sleeping her way to the top of the X-Men.  Plus, her “uniform” is lingerie.

2. Mystique: She can transform into any living thing, she’s bisexual, and we’re betting she’s into gunplay.

1. Storm: Her emotions are linked to the weather.  Get ready for an orgasm induced tsunami!

Jamie’s Top Five Least Favorite Foods

5. Mayonnaise It looks like it would be good, but tastes like obesity.

4. Watermelon: I don’t like any type of melon, but watermelon is the weirdest.  I can’t even begin to describe the texture, hate the taste.

3. Fake butter popcorn: Smells like pee, tastes like chemicals.

2. “Fruit at the bottom” yogurt:  There aren’t too many textures I can’t handle, but the slimy bits of fruit found in yogurt is one of the worst.

1. Shrimp: For looks alone shrimp would make my list.  But I also dislike the taste.  Plus I’m not a huge fan of eating things that you have to de-poop.

Miles’ Top Five Least Favorite Foods

5. Cheetos: Let’s make a food that coats everything in orange gunk.

4. Zucchini: If it’s not in bread form, get it away from me.

3. Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups: Chocolate and peanut butter is already a disgusting combination, but Reece’s makes it worse by using Grade F versions of each.

2. Oversalted Popcorn: Why don’t you just skip the pretenses and poor salt straight into your mouth?

1. Olives: Bitter salt-water in a waxy brown shell.