Best Female X-men in Bed

5. Monet St. Croix: Although her codename is M, we’re pretty sure she’s an S.  A big time S.

4. Husk: She can tear off her skin to reveal a layer of her choosing underneath.  Steel, latex, carpet; the possibilities are endless.

3. Emma Frost: She slept her way to the top of the Hellfire club, before quitting and sleeping her way to the top of the X-Men.  Plus, her “uniform” is lingerie.

2. Mystique: She can transform into any living thing, she’s bisexual, and we’re betting she’s into gunplay.

1. Storm: Her emotions are linked to the weather.  Get ready for an orgasm induced tsunami!


2 Comments on “Best Female X-men in Bed”

  1. Radio Victim says:

    What about marrow? She’s got that whole osteo-fetish angle… or something.

  2. leopoldscotch says:

    I’ll take Mystique or Husk over Storm’s mood swings any day.

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