Worst Female X-Men in Bed

5. Catseye: She was never sure if she was girl that could turn into a cat, or a cat that could turn into a girl.  We’re sure that bestiality is disgusting.

4. Karma: Guys didn’t want her when she was a Vietnam War survivor, chubby chasers didn’t want her when she weighed 400 pounds, and woman didn’t want her when she was a lesbian.  Maybe she smells down there.

3. Wolfsbane: Basically a furry with Jesus guilt.  No thanks.

2. Rogue: Hang on sugah, let me get my latex body suit lest I absorb your life force and kill you.

1. Marrow: Don’t worry, that pain you’re feeling is just her bones growing through her skin.  If you need to vomit, she’ll understand.


5 Comments on “Worst Female X-Men in Bed”

  1. Zachary says:

    You could have found such an uglier picture of Karma!

    I like Catseye, though. I didn’t see that coming. Personally, I think she was a cat who could turn human.

  2. readmylist says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked Karma. But the character isn’t really much beyond whatever tragedy is currently befalling her. Now that she is a normal weight and her siblings are safe and sound, she doesn’t have anything to say.

    • Zachary says:

      And I feel like that can’t bring up the Vietnam angle anymore because it messes with all of the Marvel Universe’s temporal issues.

      I still think the best comic featuring Karma is the Marvel Team-up where she debuts.

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