Jamie’s Most Hated Items of Clothing

5.  Pointy toed shoes: I get it, fashion industry, they “lengthen” your legs.  But they also lengthen your feet, pinch your toes, and look ugly.  Plus you have to be careful when walking not to impale anyone else with those 7 inch toes.

4.  Leggings as pants: There’s a reason you find leggings next to the tights/ socks section.  THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO BE WORN ALONE.  They also give you ugly ass.  (My apologies to Jennifer Love Hewitt, but you did this to yourself, girl)

3.  Tube tops: If you’re wondering if people still wear these anymore, the answer is sadly yes.  In addition to introducing complex bra issues, tube tops cling to your stomach, smoosh your breasts, leaving a weird boob line, and require you to hoist it up all day long.  Not a good look, ladies.

2.  Harem pants: Let’s be honest- harem pants were created by a man.  A man who wanted women to look as thigh and butt-heavy as possible, while also shortening their leg line.  That being said, the true blame lies with the women dumb enough to wear them.  You look like a stupid editorial version of a genie.

1.  Fur: Fur is not only extremely cruel, it is also extremely ugly.  You are aware that you are wearing a multitude of beings that were, at one point, living?  Living, in fact, as they were skinned so they could produce this lovely non-essential, strictly fashion statement you are so elegantly wearing in Target.


4 Comments on “Jamie’s Most Hated Items of Clothing”

  1. Dora says:

    “Leggings as Pants”…It should be punishable by 30 days home confinement! Nice list.


  2. tannah says:


    • YourMom says:

      I think you are a blind bitch for thinking harem pants look good,they are ugly…but you have enough space to shit into them 😀

  3. Charlie Browneye says:

    leggings as pants give me a boner

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