Miles’ Dinner Party 5

If I were hosting a dinner party and could invite anyone from history that is no longer living, I would send invitations to the following charming people.

1. Hergé: The man behind Tintin, Georges Remi should probably be invited to any party.  He can chat world affairs, politics, comics, film, writing, fine art and boy scouting in multiple languages.  Plus, I’m hoping for a personalized drawing of a drunk Captain Haddock vomiting on an appalled Bianca Castafiore.

2. Tomochichi: He lived to be nearly 100, started his own tribe after being exiled, and teamed up with the white man to found the prettiest city in the United States.  I wonder how Tomochichi would feel about the way America has gone since he passed.  Hmmm, I’m thinking not good.

3. Madame de Pompadour: Now I realize the risk in inviting Louis XV’s official mistress to a dinner party, as she herself hosted many fancy French soirees and could easily see mine as provincial.  But, given Madame’s almost superhuman social abilities, I think the risk is well worth it.  Plus, if there’s a lull in the conversation, she plays a mean clavichord.

4. Leopold Senghor: Super duper French, super duper Senegalese, I’m confident that this African leader and party poet would hit it off well everyone.  If things got too heated between Pompadour and Tomochichi, I trust that Senghor could calm things down, just like he did in post-colonial West Africa.

5. Dorothy Parker: Finally, it would not be a dinner party without my secret weapon.  The acid tongued, alcoholic, suicidal poet; every good event needs one.  While mixing prohibition-strength cocktails, she could regale everyone with stories about how she twice married the same gay man.  You might as well get crunk.


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