Jamie’s Dinner Party 5

Here are the top five dead peeps I would invite to my faboosh dinner party:

5.  Salvador Dali: Known as much for his bizarre behavior as his artwork, Dali would ensure that there would never be a dull moment or lapse in conversation.  I intend to base my dinner party around his, as shown in this clip.  Also, after dinner we could play ding-dong-ditch, as he was reputedly fond of.

4.  Lucille Ball: One of my personal heroes, America’s favorite redhead, and a dang funny lady.  We could take bets at which point during dinner a Lucy shenanigan would occur, and I’m sure she would be more than happy to perform for us, as long as we kept her supplied with cigarettes.

3.  Tycho Brahe: A 16th century Danish nobleman who was famous for being an astronomer and alchemist, as well as wearing a false nose made of gold after losing his in a math duel.  He was known to employ a dwarf who would dress as a clown and sit silently under the table at dinner parties.  I feel that he would get along splendidly with Dali.  I’d invite him on the basis of his crazy walrus-‘stache alone!

2.  Oscar Levant: 21st century composer, pianist, actor and comedian.  Co-star of An American in Paris and star of once of my favorite movie scenes ever (see below).  He eventually had his own show which was canceled due to his inability to stop making highly controversial comments.  He later floated in and out of mental hospitals, openly stating that he had erased the fine line between genius and insanity.  Sounds like the perfect dinner guest to me!

1.  The Marchesa Casati: Famous heiress and muse from the early 20th Century in Italy.  Quoted as saying “I want to be a living work of art,” she wore live snakes as jewelry and frequently walked her two cheetahs on jeweled leashes.  Her crazy menagerie would endear her to Tycho Brahe, who owned an alcoholic moose.  She was also an admirer of Dali.  Although I would have to hire nude servants gilded in gold to serve her in the manner she was accustomed,  it would be a small price to pay to have the most scandalous woman of her time at dinner.


One Comment on “Jamie’s Dinner Party 5”

  1. Zachary says:

    I would think a golden nose would make his face prone to theft.

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