The Hottest First Ladies of the United States

5. Frances Cleveland: She beat out her mother for Grover Cleveland’s hand in marriage, then plastered her sexy face on her husband’s campaign paraphernalia so she could be crowned the youngest first lady ever.  Everything about that is hott.

4. Jackie Kennedy: Muse to Warhol, fashion icon and francophone, Jackie’s beauty was enough to earn JFK the label of “the other Kennedy.”

3. Rose Carter: Hot like a college drop out, Rose perfected her tan as a peanut farmer in the sweltering Georgia sun.  I would like to point out that she is 50 in this picture.

2. Elizabeth Monroe: Though prone to illness, Elizabeth was called handsome by White House guests, and nicknamed la belle americaine by the French.  Ooh la la.

1. Michelle Obama: Michelle sets a new standard for first lady beauty. She is hot like a Chicago summer, elegant like the White House, and most likely will never be dethroned from her role as the hottest Mrs. President.


6 Comments on “The Hottest First Ladies of the United States”

  1. Graham Johnson says:

    I don’t know who this Rose Carter is, but I remember Rosalynn Carter with some fondness.

    Nevertheless, this should be a one woman list: Jackie.

  2. Graham Johnson says:

    There is still no former first lady called Rose Carter. I’m not sure what gave you the idea that there was. Please correct to Rosalynn Carter. Thank you.

  3. custom says:

    umm michelle obama is NOT hot. she looks like an ape. not being racist but her facial features look monkeyish. plus word around the house (whitehouse) is that she is a BITCH

  4. Retnan says:

    The Wookie # 1? Are you insane? Or are your just that much of a libtard Obama lover?

    Wait, same thing.

    Frances Cleveland is #1. Yes Graham she’s better looking than the traditional answer. Lizzy Monroe doesn’t look very good in that pic.

    Carter’s bitch is looking pretty hot though. I’m lusting in my heart.

  5. LULU says:

    M Obama? Are drunk?!

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