The 5 Fictional Lives That Jamie Wants As Her Own

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

I seriously felt a disappointment when I never received my acceptance owl to Hogwarts.  I really wanted to live in a magic world and take magic classes, not live in Minnesota and take math.  I love Hermione because she is such a well-rounded character.  She started out really obnoxious and socially inept, and became this amazing talent and super loyal friend.  And while I always held out hope that she and Harry would get together, Ron is a decent option, too.  Especially since he became a super stud in, what, book five?

Eloise from Eloise

Having full run of the Plaza Hotel seemed so great as a child, but as an adult scraping by to make ends meet, this ridiculous lifestyle is even more appealing.  Eloise gets to order room service every day, play in her awesome pink room full of toys, and have fantastic pet dog Weenie and turtle Skipperdee.  The entire premise of the book is basically her acting out without any consequences because she’s just so damn charming.  And because her mother is basically MIA sleeping with rich dudes around the world.  Or at least that’s how I interpreted it….

Veronica from Veronica Mars

What’s better than being an adorable wisecracking teenage detective?  Nothing, I reckon.  Although Veronica’s life has been more than a little challenging (murdered best friend, alcoholic mom, ostracized dad), she manages to always come out on top.  Though she has terrible taste in men, she has the most clever acerbic wit and was almost valedictorian of her class- so totes smart, guys.  Plus I am generally the last to figure out a what happened during Law and Order SVU…having her detective skills would be a nice change of pace.

Penny Lane from Almost Famous

It’s kind of been my weird secret dream to be a muse for as long as I can remember.  Since people apparently aren’t in the market for modern-day muses (or so says my recruiter), living through fictional character Penny Lane will have to do.  Besides being the groupie Band Aid to one of the most talented up-and-coming musicians, she has the best wardrobe.  Also, girl can handle her ‘ludes.  Important.

April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation

Since the first day I laid eyes on April Ludgate, I knew that I wanted to be her.  I am generally way too cheerful and get excited over stupid things like candy or Saved by the Bell reruns to ever be that aloof and cool.  She is also hilarious, has the elusive approval of ultimate bad ass Ron Swanson and gets to be married to the adorable Andy Dwyer.  Ugh, I’m moving to Pawnee.


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