5 Worst TV Dads

5.  Peter Griffin from “Family Guy”

While Peter is immature, extremely selfish and emotionally unavailable to all his children, it is his cruelness towards his daughter Meg that earns him a ranking on this list. His emotional- and sometimes physical- abuse directed at Meg is constant. From frequent reminders that Peter finds her repulsive to farting on her, all the way to shooting Meg in the chest when she just said “hi” to him, his behavior is callous and often shocking. What saves him from being rated higher is the fact that she totally sucks. “Shut up, Meg.”

4.  Dan Scott from “One Tree Hill”

In full-disclosure, I have only seen a handful of episodes from “One Tree Hill,” but in every. single. one.  Dan Scott suuuuucks. He abandoned his first born son and wife and seemingly attempted to make up for it by pushing his other son way too hard and making him resentful. This is about all I know about him/the show except: basketball, basketball, murder, basketball. Oh, and a golden retriever ate his heart transplant at some point.

3.  Frank Costanza from “Seinfeld”

Although the man gave us Festivus, Frank Costanza was a pretty terrible father. Loud, quick to anger and outspoken about his lack of pride in his son, is it any wonder that George is the way he is?

2.  Aaron Echolls from “Veronica Mars”

Aaron Echolls was an all around terrible person; he cheated on his wife and abused his son Logan. He conducted an affair with his son’s girlfriend, and when she threatened to expose him, he murdered her and had someone plant evidence against her brother. If that wasn’t bad enough, later on Veronica discovers that Aaron was the killer while she was dating his son. While Veronica attempted to get to the police, Aaron tries to murder her, too. Bad man! Although he only succeeded in killing one of his son’s girlfriends, I think it’s safe to say that the attempted murder alone cements him on this list.

1.  Frank Reynolds from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

One of the grossest people I can think of at the top of my head, Frank Reynolds is a mentally unstable compulsive gambler with a history of drug addiction who only shows interest in his children when it can benefit him. The list of offenses against his children goes on and on: turning his son Dennis into a gigolo, setting his daughter Dee on fire, forcing Dee to become a boxer, giving Dee rabies, water-boarding Dee….Well, maybe he’s not as horrible a father to Dennis, but he isn’t about to win any awards. Except for the number one spot on my list!


2 Comments on “5 Worst TV Dads”

  1. NickJ says:

    Great list, two things though. Isn’t Frank Reynolds their Uncle? And where is Al Bundy?

    • readmylist says:

      Al Bundy made the master list, but he didn’t break the top 5. Mostly because I’m more familiar with the other dads. Also, Dee and Dennis grew up with Frank as their dad, but they discover in a later season that he’s not their biological father.

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