5 Things That People Need to Learn in 2013

How to Pronounce 2013


Say this out loud: 1913.  Now say this out loud: 2013. For those of you that said “two-thousand thirteen,” please wound yourselves with the closest sharp object.  You need to stop this madness and say 2013 the way it should be said: twunny therteen. Mark my words, I am not going to go through this entire century listening to you say two-thousand thirty-three and two-thousand ninety-nine. Don’t be so two-thousand and late on this one dummies!

Smartphone Etiquette


Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that the story I was telling was less interesting than your friend’s Tweet about cat AIDS.  No, no it’s fine.  I’ll just sit here in silence while you scroll through Instagram for a few minutes, then start up right where I left off about my mom having cancer.  Take your time, and you know what?  Take mine too.

We Don’t Need Gender Specific Words for Everything


It seems that whenever men borrow stuff from women these days, it can’t go unnoticed.  So what if these tights outline my monster calves, do we have to call them meggings?  What’s next? You’re going to compliment my guylashes and tell me when my bro strap is showing?  It’s my right as a 21st century man to do whatever I want, and not have to be constantly reminded that yes, I’m a man, and yes, I’m wearing manties.

America Will Never Adopt the Metric System


The international science community is not going to stop me from driving a mile to the store, buying a gallon of ice cream, and weighing 327 pounds.  We Americans like the standard system, and we’re good at it too.  Everybody knows that it’s 73 teaspoons to a half gallon, and 29 billion inches to a mile.  No one, not even every other country on earth, is going to take away my right to measure my driveway using the length of some king’s foot who died, like, a million years ago.

We Really Need to Stop Saying Amazing so Much


Guys, I know, I say it too.  Amazing is just such an amazing word for describing things.  I mean, it’s pretty amazing that the average person says amazing 428.5 times a day, but maybe it needs to stop.  We have to admit that we have an amazing, awesome, crazy problem that even amazeballs can’t fix.  We have to do something, maybe something as drastic as opening a thesaurus, to curb what some English teachers are calling “the end of civilization as we know it.”


2 Comments on “5 Things That People Need to Learn in 2013”

  1. purenoumena says:

    If I never had to hear the world “herstory” instead of history again, that would be… amazing. 😉

  2. chuckv88 says:

    I’m with you on the gender specific words but ‘moobs’ do have a place somewhere, not?

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