RIP Read My List

Welp, it’s been three steamy years and 91 nasty posts, but Read My List is finally calling it quits.  Writing these lists has been a fantastic exercise in creativity.  Coming up with a new theme for every post was challenging at times, and I’m super grateful to all of the readers that suggested ideas.  I had a lot of fun trying to find the funny in the mundane (seriously, we did a list on Indianapolis) and Google Image searching things like “in da club” and “dog diaper” always made me laugh.

There were a lot of times when I almost stopped writing Read My List, but it was always you readers that bugged me to keep going.  Seriously, without your encouragement we would have not made it past year one.  I want to thank all of you readers for every one of your lovely comments both here and on Facebook.  It meant so much.

And now to leave you with something we never said: When in doubt, list it out!


Forever and always,