Who We Be

Read My List was founded in January 2010 by Jamie and Miles.

Miles is a gay 20-something who grew up in Illinois, then lived in Georgia, then lived in Illinois, and now lives in Minnesota.  His hobbies include sewing  and writing raps about men’s body parts.  On a typical Friday night he is probably at a bar,  karaoke-ing the Pointer Sisters and complaining that $4 is way too much to pay for Schlitz (because it is).

Jamie is in her 20s.  She loves Andre, crappy TV, and you.  She lives in a fra-rority in Wicker Park where she can be found discussing Aaron Carter’s career trajectory when she’s not taking margarita naps.  Her dream careers include back-up singer, cement truck driver, and drag queen.

Zachary is Miles’ twin brother and Read My List’s newest collaborator.  He enjoys throwing time traveling themed dance parties, but he lives in Japan now where we’re pretty sure that’s illegal.


7 Comments on “Who We Be”

  1. Ted says:

    You guys are the coolest things ever…

  2. NickJ says:

    miles, you and Suze Orman… Oh and I think she likes jackets too.

  3. Claire says:

    Why was I not made aware of this blog when you two were staying with me?? I mean, I knew you guys made lists, but this is hilarious.

  4. Lucy says:

    I hate to be pedantic guys, but Gaga is “Bluffin'” with her muffin, not buffin. Aside from that, you rock. Well you make me giggle.

  5. Pete says:

    Just outta curiosity, not to sound too technical, but… if Jamie is already a female, shouldn’t one of her dream careers be drag KING, instead of drag QUEEN?

  6. Jamie says:

    Well done you all. Miles, Zachary….call your Mother :~)

  7. chuckv88 says:

    I wanted to write something but then forgot what it was. Anyway I’ll be back.

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